Dr. Satinder Dhillon with two patients at the Norfolk Center for Cancer Care

Cancer cannot destroy peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lab technician prepars microscope slide
A lab technician prepares a specimen slide for microscopic examination.

What services are provided?

The Norfolk Center provides almost every necessary non-surgical, non-radiation service involved with the treatment of cancer. Patients and their families have access to help in coordinating financial counseling, home care, and scheduling diagnostic tests needed at nearby facilities.

Will patients need to see their primary care physician during treatment?

The physicians at Norfolk Center will stay in close contact with Primary Care Physicians throughout treatment. However patients should continue to see their doctors for checkups or unrelated conditions.

Will patients need to visit the hospital for blood work and other tests?

Most blood work and some diagnostic tests related to cancer are preformed at Norfolk Center and results are developed in our on-site lab, which is affiliated with UMass Memorial Hospital. It’s an added convenience for patients, and it allows us to determine treatments quickly.

Who arranges home care or hospice services?

The Norfolk Center will help patients and their families coordinate home care, nursing visits, home health aides, or Hospice Servies when requested.

What if a patient has trouble getting to the center for an appointment?

The Center can help to arrange transportation through the American Cancer Society and other agencies if necessary.

What is chemotherapy infusion?

Infusion is a means by which liquid medication is administered directly into your bloodstream, usually through a vein or through a port under your skin. Chemotherapy infusions are usually administered through an IV drip or an injection, depending on the type of medication.

What if a patient has billing or insurance questions, or is facing financial hardship surrounding treatment?

The Center can put you in touch with the right people to answer these questions.

What other types of infusion therapy does the center provide?

The Center provides infusion therapy for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Renal Disease, and Crohn’s Disease, just to name a few.