Norfolk Center for Cancer Care and Hematology is located in Brockton, MA

Dr. Satinder Dhillon and Dr. Stephen Lane

Dr. Dhillon Speaks at Conference

Dr. Dhillon was joined by Dr. Steven Lane at a recent conference on breast cancer, given by the Brockton Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Assn. Dr. Dhillon spoke about treatment modalities and their benefits and adverse effects. Dr Lane, who is the Radiation Oncology Chief at Brockton Hospital, also spoke.

Norfolk Center for Cancer Care

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Dear Dr. Dhillon --

Thank you so much for all the wonderful care that I received througout my whole journey with cancer. You and your staff were wonderful to me, always caring. You people are all very special and will absolutely have a place in heaven. You made having cancer not so bad a journey for me.

I look forward to coming to see you and your staff. They always made me feel special. Thanks to all of you!

Kate Hudman
"cancer survivor"

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