Norfolk Center for Cancer Care

new sign at Norfolk Center

Here's our new Norfolk Center sign, wearing November's cancer survivor month banner.

Norfolk Center Staff and Patients Celebrate Our Special Events!

This slideshow presenter features pictures from three different events. To view any one album, first scroll down to the very bottoom of the black frame. Click the little square "stop" button in the bottom left corner. Then scroll back up to the top. On the left side of the frame, in the "Albums" box, click on the event you want to see. Then go back down to the bottom left, and click the little arrow to begin playing.

You can stop a picture for a longer look by clicking on its thumbnail along the left side of the black frame. To resume the show, click the stop button again, and then the play arrow.

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Being a nurse working at the clinic, I feel such a joy to my heart to see all the patients so excited for the holidays. All the staff at Norfolk Center try to make sure the holidays are a special time for the patients.

Each year, I have seen the patients' excitement and anticipation for our celebration grow. This past Christmas was truly amazing. Even before Thanksgiving, I started to receive emails/phone calls from patients asking me for the time and date for this year's Holiday party. Last year they had such an enjoyable time that they wanted to be sure not to miss it this year.

I am happy that our 2010 Holiday Celebration was such a success and that so many patients were able to share in the festivities.

Nikki DeLano

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