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Patient Activities and Tributes

The family of the late patient Carol Nichols of Braintree join Dr. Dhillon in commemorating Carol's 2011 bequest to the Norfolk Center.
Carol Nichols mother and brother shown with Dr. Dhillon
Carol Nichols' mother Mary and brother Bill are shown with Dr. Dhillon at the 2011 event marking the bequest.

Family of Carol Nichols Presents Bequest to Norfolk Center

The family of the late Braintree patient Carol Nichols presented her bequest of $20,500 during a June 2011 ceremony at the cancer center. Dr. Dhillon paid tribute to the cancer patient's warmth and optimistic outlook. She said that Carol never lost her zest for life, her sense of humor and her will to fight. Carol's brother Bill spoke of his sister's appreciation for the care and support she had received over the years from Dr. Dhillon. "Carol thought so much of Dr. Dhillon and what she is trying to do, he said. "She is trying to show people that this is not just about coming in here for chemo treatments. it's about life."


Holbrook Man Delivers Sister's Bequest

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Patient Francine Metrick and her husband joined Dr. Dhillon in marking their 50th wedding anniversary

The Metricks Celebrate 50 Years

The Norfolk Center for Cancer Care and Hematology threw a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for patient Francine Metrick of Easton on June 7, 2011. Shown at the celebration are, from left, Francine Metrick; Dr. Satinder Dhillon, founder of the Norfolk Center for Cancer Care and Hematology; and Steve Metrick. From an Eiffel Tower image on the wall to Ella Fitzgerald crooning "I Love Paris" and a platefull of cookies decorated to look like the Eiffel Tower, the Center took on a French ambience, thanks to Dhillon and her staff.
"I knew Francine never got to travel beyone Cape Cod, and she always wanted to see Paris, so we decided to bring Paris to her," Dhillon said.